19 Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have in 2022

1. Quality and Relax Jeans
This year, fans of fashion can choose low-rise pants and colorfulness in their choices. But this does not mean that you cannot refer to other styles of jeans. High-rise jeans are going nowhere. In 2022, it is possible to choose jeans in different styles for successful combination. We will write about this in detail in our next blog.

2. Basic T-shirts
T-shirts are the best tool for individuals to express their inner selves and tastes. Most importantly, this is the most comfortable piece of clothes you can ever wear. Also, combining it is very easy. You can combine a properly selected T-shirt in almost any style and with any piece of clothing.

3. Perfect Coverage Bra
Consider a gift box. Gift paper with a very beautiful pattern on it. But since there is rawness under the paper, patterned paper does not look good. The same belongs to it. If the underneath of your dress is not smooth enough, your dress will lose all of its effect.

4. The Little Black Dress
A beautifully chosen black dress is a combination of charm, elegance and simplicity at the same time! With the help of a black dress, you can be the most attractive lady where you are without much effort. Heels, sandals or boots are ok to combine with black dress. You can wear black dress with black or camel blazer to office or you can combine it with denim or leather jackets for an edgy look.
5. Seamless Invisible Underwear
Traditional underwear styles often have seams sewn around the waistband and leg openings, which won't allow you to choose thin fabric garments. It is very important at this time to choose invisible underwear, as this type of underwear is not stitched, it is very flat against the skin, making it an inconspicuous comfortable option under clothing.

6. Basic Cardigans
You can wear a long cardigan with a V-neck, crew neck T-shirt, a thin knit sweater or shirt, and as a bottom, you can combine it with tights, skinny or straight-leg jeans.

7. Timeless Tan Trench Coat
It is always easy to use the trench coat with classic jeans. An oversized T-shirt over the jeans and sneakers are very compatible.
It is possible to combine the trench coat with a dress or skirt, but, if the dress or skirt is patterned, the trench coat should be plain. The trench coat should always be slightly longer or shorter than your skirt or dress.
Particularly elegant part for the combination of a skirt / dress with trench coat is classic shoes. But it is common to wear sneakers or biker boots to feel comfortable. The trench coat is also the right choice for pencil skirts too. Red lips are indispensable for most of trench coat combinations.

8. The Classic Everyday Sunglasses
Sunglasses are the accessories which we can do without and usually make our combination work much easier. Surely, we have to refer styles which suit your face shape. But we should consider fashion reflections too while choosing sunglasses. The most popular shapes in sunglasses this season are rectangular, elongated framed, cat-eye framed, geometric models. Trend sunglasses frame color is white. Generally, colorful models should be preferred this year.

9. White Sneakers
Why should we always have white sneakers in our wardrobe? Generally, white is a base color in every garment and accessory. But white sneakers are a must. It is so easy to combine that you don't even have to think about what you went with and what you didn't go with. This detail, which attracts enough attention and looks very modest, will always lead you 1-0. White shoes provide a classy touch to any outfit and are always on trend.

10. Well-Chosen Blazer
A simple blazer neatly sewn from quality fabric is the perfect remedy for any outfit and works with any style. This piece of clothing is always relevant. 

11. Black High Heels
Properly selected black pumps will suit almost all outfits. Try to choose black pump that has very little platform. But it would be better or be with no platform. A thin heel and a pointed toe (if it will be worn with pants) will expand your combining opportunities. And try not to buy black pumps with colors or patterns.

12. White Oversized Cotton-Poplin Shirt
White oversized cotton-poplin shirt is a wardrobe essential every closet should have. No matter the season, it will bring to you cool atmosphere with easy find pieces of clothes. Combining this with black blazer and a pair of hoops you can go to work. On the bottom you can choose either a stiletto heel, or sneaker. At the same time you can wear cotton-poplin shirt open over the bikini.

13. Black Leather Jacket
This is very stylish, timeless garment which can easily been combined with almost every piece of clothing from edgy style to classy style. If you will have just one leather jacket on your wardrobe prefer black one in classic moto style. And would be better to by oversize model.
Black leather jacket will be your friend for a long time.

14. The Golden Hoops
Prefer medium-small options. The reason for this is not that big accessories is not right option, but that they require extra effort when combining. Golden hoops have always been on trend. But this year we were able to see that the demand for this accessory has increased too much. Golds hoops will remain in trend for a long time.

15. The Belt (Match Everything)
Make sure the belts you use this year are neither too thick nor too thin. Medium-sized belts are the trend this year.

16. The Ribbed Tank | Meladyan Basic Racerback Camisole 
These are the most casual of shaping garments and very easy to find and combine. And you will have great range of choice about prices too. You can use this garment either under the blazer to the business meeting, with white cotton trousers to the night out, or with sport pants to the gym.

17. The Wrap Skirt
Wear this type of skirt with trendy long-sleeved boots and go out. Your style will attract the attention of 3 out of 5 people you meet. 

18. The Carryall Tote 
Well-chosen Carryall Tote in basic colors will be your ideal choice when you do not have enough time to combine and you should carry a lot of personal items.

19. High-Shine Satin Clothes
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